The Company Officer and Leadership

captain-john-miller-150x150Leadership; It certainly isn’t about the number of bars or collar brass horns you have on your collar, the color of your helmet, or the “title” you have. Although there are many who would argue that point and feel that they are THE Leader specificially because they DO have the title, rank and brass. Some do and some don’t, stop and think about those that do (and why) and those that do not (and why)…..

An interesting take on leadership came from the acclaimed cinema Director Robert Altman’s 2006 Lifetime Achievement Oscar acceptance speech, in which he stated simply; “The director allows an actor to become more than they’ve ever dreamed of being.”

How do you think this applies to the Fire Service?

Take a few minutes to look at management guru Tom Peter’s video on The Definition of Leadership.

The transcript of the Tom Peters video clip is available HERE.

Some Leadership Definitions HERE.

What are your definitions of leadership?
Where does your Leadership start and stop?
What about those around you?

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