The Many Roles of the Company Officer

There is more to being a Company officer than managing emergencies. In fact most companies spend less than 10% of their time handling emergencies. When the company is in the fire station the officer is managing routine activities and managing a portion of the organization. At this level, company officers manage people, equipment and time.
With less than 10% of the time spent handling emergencies, this means that greater than 90% of the time is or should be spent on other department activities to include training for emergencies, personnel development, pre-planning for emergencies, public fire and safety education, fire code enforcement, physical conditioning and maintaining equipment / facilities. Regardless of what the activity may be the company officer is expected to lead the company through planning and managing of resources.
Ever really wondered what your role you played as a company officer? I can promise you the list is larger than you think…take a look!
• Coach
• Communicator
• Counselor
• Decision maker
• Evaluator
• Firefighter
• Innovator
• Instructor
• Leader
• Facilitator
• Manager
• Motivator
• Mediator
• Public Relations
• Role Model
• Safety Officer
• Student
• Supervisor
• Writer
• Mentor

So it is fair to say that when a firefighter accepts the role of Company Officer, They become responsible for not only themselves, but for others to include the public.Picture1







Photo taken and copyrighted by Fire Photographer Lisa Charpentier Leth-Nissen, NREMT-P

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