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National_Fire_AcademyThe recent insights related to fire officer credentialing and qualifications gave way to some questions posed on resources, opportunities and guidance. In both the posting and the links there are a number of avenues for further research and exploration. With obvious reason start by looking at the offerings and requirements established within your home state fire training system. If an officer or chief within your own organization can’t provide you with the desired information contact a larger fire department or agency that may be within the region.

Here’s a (non-inclusive) list of resources and links that should support your quest for additional information on fire officer credentialing, qualifications and training and the related elements within this broad based area;

• Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Program, HERE
• Interoperability for Professional Development: The National Professional Development Model and Matrix, HERE
• FESHE Program/Professional Development Committees and Business Model, HERE
• NFA, Executive Fire Officer Program, HERE
• National Fire Academy-NFA, HERE
• NFA Online courses, HERE
• Emergency Management Institute-EMI, HERE
• International Society of Fire Service Instructors-ISFSI, HERE
• ProBoard Fire Service Professional Qualifications System, HERE
• ProBoard Accredited Agencies, HERE
• The International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC), HERE
• National Fire Protection Association-NFPA, Codes and Standards, HERE
• IFSTA, e-Learning Programs, HERE
• FEMA’s Independent Study Program offers courses, HERE
• Commission on Professional Credentialing (CPC) HERE
• The Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Designation Program HERE
• The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Designation Program, HERE
• The Fire Officer (FO) Designation Program, HERE
• Society of Fire Protection Engineers-SFPE, HERE
• Certified Emergency Manager. HERE
• Institution of Fire Engineers, HERE
• Institution of Fire Engineers USA Branch, HERE

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