The Summer Tour is about to Begin…

The Summer Tour is about to Begin..

Taking it to the Streets

With Christopher Naum

A New Monthly Radio Talkshow on FireFighter

A Series and FireFighter Production

Advancing FireFighter Safety and Operational Intergrity for the Fire Service through provocative insights and dynamic discussions dedicated to the Art and Science of Firefighting and the Traditions of the Fire Service.

Watch for the Latest Announcements here on, and on Firefighter


Ten Minutes in the Street

  • Presenting an informational recap and discussion on leading topcs, events and issues from the past 30 days.

 Feature Segments Program will have one (1) selected segment based upon topic and guest


  • Addressing today’s topical issues within the areas of Firefighting, Building Construction, Dynamic Risk Assessment, and Command & Tactical Safety
    • Open interative discussions and call-in
  • Street Stories
    • Presenting first-hand accounts and insights on an event, response or operation with a featured guest
    • Open interative discussions and call-in
  • Smoke Showin’
    • Featured Guest Interviews and discussions focusing on the NFFF Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives and Everyone Goes Home Campaign 
    • Open interative discussions and call-in

HRE History Repeating Events  

  • Discussion on recent History Repeating Events, LODD, NIOSH Reports or other
  • Open interative discussions and call-in

 A View from the Street

  • Closing Commentary on timely and relevant issues affecting the Fire Service

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