Ten Minutes in the Street: “I Hear Ya Knockin’; But Nobody’s Home”

After a slight hiatus, Ten Minutes in the Street is back, beginning its Summer Tour bringing you insightful and provoking street scenarios for the discriminating and perspective firefighter, where you make the call. You don’t have to have any special rank to participate in this interactive forum, just the desire to learn and expand you knowledge, skills and abilities in order to better yourself, create new insights, while sharing your experience and perspectives to help you and others in the street in making the right call; so everyone has the opportunity of going home.

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Ten Minutes in the Street: “I Hear Ya Knockin’; But Nobody’s Home”

Volume 10, Number 7  Link HERE

Take advantage of the opportunties to share your expereince and to also gain insights on operational challenges that affect all operating companies in the street, on any given day.

These interactive scenarios, “where you make the call;” provides you with the ability to interact and share strategies, tactics, safety and assessment concepts and insights with brother firefighters nationally and internationally with our global fire service community.

It’s all about Building Knowledge = Firefighter Safety 

Stop in, we’re open 24/7………Ten Minutes in the Street

Don’t forget, check out the latest announcment on the newest Blog Radio Talkshow; Taking it to the Street on Firefighter Netcast.com coming July 21, 2010.  Check out these links for more information, HERE, HERE and HERE.

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