Ten Minutes in the Street: “Three For One”

Ten Minutes in the Street is back, bringing you insightful and provoking street scenarios for the discriminating and perspective Firefighter, Officer and Commander; where you make the call.

You don’t have to have any special rank to participate in this interactive forum, just the desire to learn and expand you knowledge, skills and abilities in order to better yourself, create new insights, while sharing your experience and perspectives to help you and others in the street in making the right call; so everyone has the opportunity of going home.

Ten Minutes in the Street: “Three For One”

Volume 10, Number 9

An alarm of fire clears the airways, as the communications center dispatches a first alarm assignment for a report of a structure fire in a single family residential occupancy in a new neighborhood. Most of these residential structures were built between 2005 and 2010. They vary in size from 2500 SF – 3500 SF. They are closely spaced and are Type V constructed with wood clad or vinyl siding.

Drop in at FFN for and check out the full scenario and get involved, HERE

Here’s the PDF for the scenario that you can download and use for drill, tabletop exercise or kitchen table discussion.Copy of Vol10NO09

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