The Definition of a FireFighter

On August 9, 2010 Chicago Firefighter/Paramedic Christopher Wheatley was working a grease-chute fire at a restaurant when he fell approximately 35 feet from the ladder of an attached fire escape suffering fatal injuries while he was making his way up to the roof of the burning building with his equipment. The Incident Location was; 615 W. Randolph, Chicago, Ilinois. Incident Coverage, Here, Here and Here. USFA LODD notification, Here .

Facebook Memorial Page, Here; In memory of FF Chris Wheatley; ” He loved being a firefighter. He loved being a paramedic. It was not just a job to him. He was passionate about it,” Rest In Peace FF Chris Wheatley

Fire Daily posted a good summary of FF Wheatley’s career and the events leading to his death HERE.

The Chicago Sun-Times provided a comprehensive story describing the funeral in detail HERE.

Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Robert Hoff giving the eulogy for FF Christopher Wheatley on August 13, 2010, defined in a number of ways what a firefighter should be, and how FF Wheatley lived up to those principles both on and off the job, with a passion. In a posting from The Urban Firefighter, it was quoted; “Commissioner Hoff and Firefighter Wheatley are truly the type of firefighters; young ones hope to be like, and old ones wish they had been”.

Think about the words that defined and charactorized Chicago Firefighter/Paramedic Christopher Wheatley and how he lived and worked as a firefighter, a paramedic and public servant, a son and a loved one.  Think about what defines, distinguishes and exemplifies you and how you conduct yourself and interface within this proud and honorable profession of the Fire Service.

As posted on the FireGeezer: To view the entire 493-image photo gallery prepared by Larry Shapiro, CLICK HERE.  You will see three buttons.  “Funeral” will take you to the 224-image gallery of the funeral procession.  “Visitors” will open up a 119-image gallery of shoulder patches from nearly every fire department that was represented.  And clicking on the “FD Apparatus” button will open the 50-image gallery of the apparatus that was in the procession.

Chicagoland Fire Photographer Larry Shapiro

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