Situational Awarness on Taking it to the Streets; Did you Listen in?

Taking it to the Streets hosted by Christopher Naum

Last month on Firefighter ,Taking it to the Streets presented an exceptional show related to the emerging issues affecting fire ground operations and the emerging and prevailing issues related to situational awareness on the fireground and incident scene  and its relationship to firefighter safety or operational integrity. The show was titled; “We Have a Situation; Are you Aware?” Joining host Christopher Naum, his guests included Battalion Chief Matt Tobia with the Anne Arundel County, MD Fire Department, a metropolitan combination Fire/Rescue/EMS agency in Suburban Baltimore, MD and Battalion Chief Greg W. Collier, Mount Laurel Fire Department, NJ and NFFF/EGH New Jersey State Advocate.

Together they discussed relevant issues affecting today’s fire service, in the streets  ensuring operational excellence, personnel safety and promoting effective and efficient incident management and mitigation.

If you missed the live online radio call-in show, you can download all the previous shows to your device and listen to them where ever you are. You can download the programs at Fire Fighter

  • Download the August 19th, 2010 program  on Situational Awareness,HERE

Check out Taking it to the Streets with Christopher Naum this month on Wednesday night September 22nd at 9pm ET with another  live online radio call-in show addressing the most current issues affecting the Fire Service. Taking it to the Streets has in the few short months of production and tranmissions, has become one of the the most talked about, on-line radio programs;  listened to live on-the air and download fire service podcast programs. If your hearing some of the buzz and that humm; then its time to tune into to FireFighter and Taking it to the Streets to hear first hand and have a Rockin Hot Time…

Join the growing list of live listeners and become a regular follower with this ground breaking and newest radio show on FireFighter at Blogtalk Radio… Stay tuned on,, Fire Fighter and launching this quater, for a comprehensive list of future shows, topics and guests.

Taking it to the Streets With Christopher Naum

A New Monthly Radio Talk show on Fire Fighter

A Series and Fire Fighter Production

 Advancing Fire Fighter Safety and Operational Integrity for the Fire Service through provocative insights and dynamic discussions dedicated to the Art and Science of Firefighting and the Traditions of the Fire Service. Check out more information of Taking it to the Streets, HERE 

“On your Street, In your City, Across the Country, Around the World”, Taking it to the Streets

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