Ten Minutes in the Street Scenario: On-scene, with Engine Company 13…..

Ten Minutes in the Street

Ten Minutes in the Street: On-scene, with Engine Company 13…..

Take this scenario and download the details or project the post on a screen and work through the incident and parameters with your company of command officers. Take ten minutes and discuss the operational issue and factors at the Kitchen Table at the firehouse or in the dayroom between calls. Make it a training opportunity today.

Ten Minutes in the Street: On-scene, with Engine 13….You’re dispatched to a commercial building address in your first-due area along with the Truck Company for a report of smoke coming from the building. As you (Engine 13) and Truck 2 respond, another alarm goes out for a reported structure fire with civilians in distress….( take a look at the concurrent Ten in the Street Scenario-Second Alarm that we’re posting along with this scenario HERE). Since you didn’t have enough to do…. Your box alarm assignment is just one and one (Engine and Truck) with a staffing level of five personnel on each company (yah, I know…it’s a real good day on staffing today).

You arrive and are on-scene with Engine 13 and find “some” smoke issuing from the Bravo side (office) and from the Delta side. Both sides have access limitations due to secure fencing.

The building is a commercial building, approximately 100 feet wide x 140 feet deep.

It appears to be a single story; however you can see the grade slope downward on the Bravo Side to the rear: looks like another level in the rear. The Delta side also has a secured fence that separates a vacant exposure structure, which appears to be a vacant convenience store.

Smoke is getting more pronounced..you might say, heavy smoke showin’ at this point.

You’ve got command in the absence.. of a commanding officer. A chief’s enroute, but due to the other alarm, is going to be delayed (either a greater alarm Battalion Chief, or a mutual aide chief is coming). You have additional resources you can call for.

  • Here’s what you have:

  • 100’ x 140’ Unoccupied (Appearing) Building, 14, 000 SF. Circa 1940’s built Type II construction.
  • Masonry perimeter walls, appears to be a heavy wood timber gable truss roof…
  • Security Fencing on both Bravo and Delta sides
  • Apparent vacant exposure structure on the Delta side.
  • Appears to have multiple levels due to grade change on the Bravo side
  • Heavy smoke showing…
  • Forcible entry will be required to gain access
  • You have other resources available, But they are not enroute
  • Hey what about the 360? …what’s up with the Charlie side….?
  • You have another alarm that was dispatched while you were enroute, that sounds like a job with possible civilians’ in distress… so a number of other companies are being dispatched to that call
  • You’re the officer of Engine 13, On-scene with some showing, assuming command….
  • What are you going to do?
  • We’re looking for the usual…IAP, resources, safety, strategy, tactics, limiting factors, risk, operations, construction or occupancy hazards…..

Check out the Ten Minutes in the Street: Second Alarm scenario HERE, it’s the other incident that’s happening across town that we mentioned above, while you were enroute to this alarm….

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