Tactical Operations and the New Rules of Combat Engagement 2011 Seminar

New for 2011


 A New Fire Service Training Seminar Series for National Delivery from Two Nationally Recognized Fire Service Leaders and Highly Acclaimed Fire Service Instructors,  Authors and Fire Officers; Tactical Operations and the Rules of Combat Fire Engagement 2011.

Seminar Topics;

  • The New Rules of Engagement
  • Occupancy Profiling
  • The New Fireground
  • Extreme Fire Behavior
  • Building Construction & Engineered Systems
  • The Company and Command Officer in 2011 and Beyond
  • Tactical Entertainment & Firefighter Safety
  • Tactical Patience & Operational Excellence
  • Command Risk Management
  • Battle Ready
  • Redefining Tactical Readiness  and much more

Information or bookings for 2011 and 2012: buildingsonfire@gmail.com or Christopher.naum@gmail.com

A Buildingsonfire.com Series and Command Institute Production

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