Playing in Your Own Sandbox

A recently published article in Fire Engineering Magazine By BC Daniel P. Sheridan, FDNY titled; First-Due Battalion Chief: Playing in Your Own Sandbox  is a great article that discussed the transition from company level responsibilities and daily duties to those of a commanding officer. The transition to many is seamless, to others painful and slow.

The article focused on the qualities of a good incident commander (IC) has. One of the qualities that Chief Sheridan speaks about in the article is that of not micromanaging. He goes on to state as we move up the ranks in the fire service, it usually takes time to adjust to the new rank.

The following is an excerpt; “Speaking from experience, it took me a while to be comfortable being a lieutenant. I realize that the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) is unique in the sense that our officers are there strictly to supervise and don’t get involved in the actual physical work of stretching hose, forcing doors, cutting roofs, or any other task assigned to the firefighters. FDNY officers’ only responsibility is to oversee their unit and report to the next level of command”.

Take some time to toggle over to and read the article online, HERE

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