The Compartment and the Company


The Compartment and the Company:
Tactical Fireground successes are measured by the abilities, determination and fortitude of the Company and the leadership of the Company Officer to interface with the evolving fire conditions within the Compartment and Envelope of the Building.If the Company understands and knows the buildings and occupancy risks of its first-due; can efficiently assess the building and corresponding fire conditions and can
recognize hazards, risks and operational vulnerabilities; align tactical priorities and execute tasks with precision and proficiencies, then there is a high degree of confidence strategic objectives can be achieved and the incident mitigated with limited adverse collateral.

How effective are you as an officer?

  • How about the other officers?
  • What about the company?
  • Capable, skilled, proficient?
  • Does your officer and company take time to look over the building (interior/ exterior) once an incident, alarm or run is done?

Are you “looking” at key issues that affect the Building? Start reexamining the compartment and your company: risk and capabilities, it’s that important.

The most important element on the Fireground

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