The Company Officer: Ready for the Next Run?

The Company Officer: Ready for the Next Run?

As a Company Officer: It’s your responsibility to ensure the company and at times the balance of the alarm response to identify and implement the appropriate actions on the Fireground. 
If you don’t understand the building, the occupancy risk and align tactics with the fire dynamics and compartment, then you’re not doing your job.

Defining your actions on the Fireground and in Quarters

  • What are you doing to excel?
  • Where do you fit in as a Company Officer?
  • Do you have Command Resiliency
  • Or do you employ Tactical Entertainment?
  • Do you practice Adaptive Fireground Management? 
  • Know your Buildings and their Risks?
  • Have the right set of Competencies and Skill Sets?
  • Have the right Mindset and Perspective as an Officer-Not as a Firefighter?
  •  Are you Maintaining Effective Fireground Situational Awareness?
  • Do you know your job?

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