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Taking it to the Streets with Christopher Naum
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Taking it to the Streets

with Christopher Naum

On the Air Monthly on Firefighter  A Series and Firefighter Production   

 Advancing Firefighter Safety and Operational Integrity for the Fire Service through provocative insights and dynamic discussions dedicated to the Art and Science of Firefighting and the Traditions of the Fire Service.   


Ten Minutes in the Street  

Presenting an informational recap and discussion on leading topics, events and issues from the past 30 days  

Feature Segments  Program will have one (1) selected segment based upon topic and guests   


  • Addressing today’s topical issues within the areas of Firefighting, Building Construction, Dynamic Risk Assessment, and Command & Tactical Safety
  • Street Stories
    • Presenting first-hand accounts and insights on an event, response or operation with a featured guest 
  • Smoke Showin’
    • Featured Guest Interviews and discussions focusing on the NFFF Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives and Everyone Goes Home Campaign 

 HRE History Repeating Events    

  • Discussion on recent History Repeating Events, LODD, NIOSH Reports or other timely issues

 A View from the Street  

  • Closing Commentary on timely and relevant issues affecting the Fire Service

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Christopher Naum

Christopher J. Naum, SFPE
Executive Producer and Host of Taking it to the Streets
Chief of Training, Command Institute, Washington, DC
Second Vice President, International Society of Fire Service Instructors

 A 36-year fire service veteran and former Fire Chief/ Coordinator at a U.S nuclear power plant in the Northeastern United States, he is a nationally recognized authority on building construction, structural collapse and command management, and has traveled throughout the United States and internationally delivering training programs on building construction, command risk assessment and firefighter safety. An Adjunct Instructor with the National Fire Academy and a NFFF/EGH Firefighter Safety Advocate, he is member of the Board of Directors, IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section and the ISFSI. A former architect and fire protection engineer and was the 1987 ISFSI George D. Post National Fire Instructor of the Year and is a technical reviewer to the NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program, Firefighter LODD Reports & Investigations. He is the Chief of Training for the Command Institute in D.C, the Second Vice President with the International Society of Fire Service Instructors and a Contributing Editor with Firehouse Magazine and where he authors the Structural Anatomy of Buildingsonfire column and blog series. He hosts the monthly online radio show  Taking it to the Streets on and continues to present his popular structural anatomy building construction & firefighter safety training series throughout the United States and internationally and is the developer of the informational portal  dedicated to building construction, command risk management and firefighter safety. He is also the executive producer of  and  . You can also follow him on Facebook at Buildingsonfire and on twitter. He can be contacted at   

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 Taking it to the Streets had its premier July 21st on Firefighter with a lively and provoking discussion on “What’s on YOUR Radar Screen?” The program theme aligned with a recent posting on the same topic. Join me on the program were two prominent and nationally recognized fire service leaders, who I’m honored to have known for many years, Chief Billy Hayes and Chief Doug Cline; the program explored leading fire service issues affecting firefighter safety, training, credentialing and education; fireground operational variables related to the continuing changes in building construction, engineered systems and extreme fire behavior,  and the emerging need for “Tactical Patience” as I’ve been exploring the relationships towards the need for tactical enhancements to our current fire suppression theory and firefighting models.   

Conversations expanded on the NFFF/Everyone Goes Home Campaign and programs, the newest EGH initiatives on Behavioral Health and the successes achieved through the Courage to be Safe Programs and the Advocacy Program. Both our guests provided cutting edge perspectives and commentary on the key issues that the fire service needs to have on their radar screen and the need for emerging and practicing fire officers and commanders to continually strive to increase skill sets and maintain a pulse on the leading issues affecting the fire service and apply emerging research  and studies to increase operational capabilities, improve performance and enhance and promote firefighter safety and survival and operational integrity.   

Although technical difficulties from the live feed coming from the Inner Harbor in Baltimore at the Firehouse Expo, precluded the ability to have the call-in segments of the program to work, the 120 minute program gave the listeners a wealth of information to talk over in the firehouse, at the kitchen table or in the apparatus bays.  The program is a Series and a Fire Fighter  production, produced by John Mitchell and Rhett Fleitz .  The live program segment will be edited and available for iTunes download soon. You can check out the other programming and shows produced by Fire Fighter HERE. Stay tuned for announcements on the next program date for Taking it to the Streets coming to you live from the IAFC Fire Rescue International Conference in Chicago in August.     

Taking it to the Streets; Advancing Fire Fighter Safety and Operational Integrity for the Fire Service through provocative insights and dynamic discussions dedicated to the Art and Science of Firefighting and the Traditions of the Fire Service.    

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