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To Lead Tomorrow, Learn Today

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What matters the most in the development of a leader is what occurs day by day over a long period of time. Leadership develops daily, not in a day.

Twenty Eleven (2011); Where are you going?

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Did I give back to the fire service, did I support, promote and advocate, did I learn, grow and better myself, did the year have meaning?

Looking Under the Hood of Your Organization

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If it’s your first time to check under your organization’s hood, then you’ll probably be unfamiliar with all the numerous parts in and around the organization.

NIOSH: Uncoordinated ventilation caused flashover

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NIOSH: Uncoordinated ventilation caused flashover killing Ill. firefighterInvestigators say crews failed to recognize signs of an imminent flashover; firefighters were between the fire and ventilation points By Ken Robinson FireRescue1 Associate Editor HOMEWOOD, Ill. — Uncoordinated ventilation caused a flashover that killed one firefighter and injured another when both failed to recognize signs of rapidly […]

What a Difference… A Minute Can Make

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We must be able to decode the “mess” into “opportunity”. It is paramount that we focus on the concepts that it shouldn’t be this way, but we can make it something else.

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