The Rules for Combat Structural Fire Suppression Have Changed: Did anyone Tell You?

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Our buildings have changed; the structural systems of support, the degree of compartmentation, the characteristics of materials and the magnitude of fire loading. The structural anatomy, predictability of building performance under fire conditions, structural integrity and the extreme fire behavior; accelerated growth rate and intensively levels typically encountered in buildings of modern construction during initial […]

CFSI Webinar Series Making the Right Decisions

Upcoming CFSI Webinar: Making the Right Decisions CFSI Webinar Series  Making the Right DecisionsDATE: March 31, 2010 TIME: 2:00 – 2:45PM EST LOCATION: Your personal computer!  FEATURING: Chief Billy Goldfeder RSVP: Email by 3/30/2010 Moderated by Congressional Fire Services Institue (CFSI) Executive Director Bill Webb,, the program will feature Chief Billy Goldfeder, nationally respected […]

Company Officers are Instructors and True Leaders

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As we embark deep into the millennium and a new decade, changes are sure to occur. The fire service will surely see many of these changes. The place that we need to make changes initially is within ourselves as officers. We must be prepared to meet these new challenges and a new decade with a […]

Take a Good Look Around-This is Your Town

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As you drive about your response district today, coming back from an alarm, heading to the firehouse tonight or running errands around your community, take a good look around. Ask your self a simple question; “How well do you know the buildings, structures and occupancies in your response jurisdiction?” Be honest, do you really understand […]

Ten Minutes in the Street: Stretchin’ the line on the First-Due Scenario

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Head on over to Firefigher Nation to the Fireground Tactics & Firefighter Safety Forum for a new Ten Minutes in the Street Scenario. We’ve just posted Ten Minutes in the Street: Stretchin’ the line on the First-Due . Join in on the discussions and dialog on strategies, tactics, command, decision-making and firefighter safety. There’s lots to be […]

Sixty Seconds for a Three Sixty

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Leadership and Cultural Safety go hand-in-hand. As does our desire to succeed and progress. There are various perspectives, strategies and of course beliefs and attitudes. Aligning them certainly is the challenge for today’s command and company officer.  My good friend Brian O’Malley a motivational speaker, provided a three-sixty (360) review to a recent strategic alignment meeting […]

Buildingsonfire Reaches Milestone

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Buildingsonfire on Face Book reaches 3,000 fan milestone, are you one? Sign up and follow Buildingsonfire on Facebook today Remember, Building Knowledge=Firefighter Safety

The Fire Station

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httpv:// Here’s an interesting perspective on a typical 24 hours at the fire station. This was originally posted at STATter911 and is a great time lapse video of a day in the life of the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company in Loudoun County, Virginia. It was put together by Photo 601 Steve Kusterer.

Credentialing and Qualifications Resources

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The recent insights related to fire officer credentialing and qualifications gave way to some questions posed on resources, opportunities and guidance. In both the posting and the links there are a number of avenues for further research and exploration. With obvious reason start by looking at the offerings and requirements established within your home state […]

Officer Credentialing and Qualifications

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It’s no longer acceptable to be functioning and performing in a rank and position of responsibility without the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) in order to execute those duties in an effective, efficient and compliant manner aligned with your department’s policies, procedures and standards. The aspect of officer Credentialing and Qualifications isn’t anything new. […]

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