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It’s more than just Size-Up; Situational Awareness and Dynamic Risk Assessment

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Dynamic Risk Assessment is commonly used to describe a process of risk assessment being carried out in a changing or evolving environment, where what is being assessed is developing as the process itself is being undertaken. This is further problematical for the Incident Commander when confronted with competing or conflicting incident priorities, demands or distractions […]

True Passion

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   Good to Great…How many times have you heard that buzz phrase in the last three years. Maybe you never even gave it much thought till now. So let’s take this opportunity to dissect the concept. Good… If you would ask most any company officer or firefighter if they were a good company they would […]

Rowhouse Fire Close Call- Fire Behavior Acting Badly

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httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M00Vl7cxuYo Five Baltimore  City (MD) firefighters were hurt as a powerful fire ball engulfed the front of the dwelling. One firefighter was hospitalized and is reported in stable condition. Two other firefighterrs were hurt during overhaul. The fire in a rowhouse was being worked by companies, when conditions rapidly changed resulting in the extreme fire behavior. As a […]


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How do you think these elements fit into the Big Picture during combat fire suppression operations at working structure fire? What’s your experience gauge telling you as it related to these elements? As a Company Officer it is imperative that you maintain a balanced operational safety perspective to ensure the safety and well being of […]

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